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01. Bakugan Hidden N... - 6637
02. Bakugan Characte... - 406
03. Bakugan Battle - 275
04. Bakugan 1 - 274
05. Bakugan Vestroia - 272
06. Bakugan Jigsaw - 269
07. Bakugan Dan - 269
08. Bakugan Marucho - 268
09. Bakugan Shun - 267
10. Bakugan Julie - 262

Bakugan Action Games
Bakugan Battle Bakugan Battle
Select the ball you want and play one of game.
Bakugan Hidden Numbers Bakugan Hidden Numbers
Find The Hidden Numbers With Bakugan and Other Characters
Bakugan Characters Bakugan Characters
You can find Bakugan characters in this game together.
Bakugan Puzzle Games
Bakugan Vestroia Bakugan Vestroia
yet another addition of Bakugan puzzle game.
Bakugan Dan Bakugan Dan
Bakugan new cartoon characters have already been a favorite of children. Cartoon...
Bakugan Shun Bakugan Shun
It's another great puzzle game of Bakugan Shun
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